Tesco Kitchens

Tesco Kitchens

New Kitchens

Just in. A brand new selection of Tesco Kitchens, perfect for those that like to keep in touch with the latest fashions. Contemporary, classic or city living – take a look at our newest kitchen ranges.


Gloss Kitchens

Gloss is the ideal choice for creating a kitchen with an ultra-modern look that’s in-line with the latest kitchen trends. A gloss kitchen is chic, smooth and looks fantastic in houses, flats and apartments. An extra bonus – it’s easy to clean too.


Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchens take their design inspiration from the religious Shaker group’s values of simplicity and high-quality craftsmanship. Designs make use of pure, clean lines without any extra decoration, and are synonymous with durability.


Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchen designs are based on the fundamentals of clean, minimalist styling. They look fantastic in any home, and the latest technologies allow for an ultra effective use of space. Combine with the latest appliances to complete the look.

Country Kitchens

Country kitchens are all about the details; farmhouse sinks, floral patterns and rustic cabinet door designs are all main features of a country style kitchen. The perfect choice if you are looking to create a warm and homely feel.


Luxury Kitchens

A luxury kitchen is the focal point of any home and will quickly become a room that you and your family will enjoy spending time in. Luxury kitchens provide a feeling of class and include modern, up-to-date appliances, which feature the latest in technology.


Compact/Small Kitchens

Any style can be applied to a small kitchen, providing that you use space effectively. Whether you’re in a flat, cottage or anywhere else where space is limited, our ranges will allow your kitchen to be both functional and fabulous.

Freestanding/Island Kitchens

Freestanding or “Island” kitchens are so called because they have a collection of units located in the centre of the kitchen. They require more space, but they are the perfect for entertaining guests and family members whilst preparing gourmet meals.


Farmhouse Kitchens

The ‘Farmhouse’ look can be created in any type of home to provide a warm and inviting space whether you live in an old country cottage or a brand new house. The accessories you choose to use will add a touch of personality.


Traditional Kitchens

A traditional kitchen should have a classic, timeless feel that can provide your home with a warm and welcoming space for the whole family. Enjoy spending time together relaxing and enjoying home cooked meals.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens promote sleek styling to provide a high-end finish to any modern home. Utilise clever storage solutions so that worktops remain free from clutter, creating a streamlined look and ultimately a neat, clean finish.

Open Plan Kitchens

Open plan kitchens are becoming an increasingly popular choice and are ideal for creating a space where a family can spend quality time together. An open plan kitchen can provide you with plenty of room for a dining area, or even room for a sofa and TV.


Wood Kitchens

Wood is the ideal choice for creating a feeling of warmth, whether you’re opting for a contemporary or traditional design. Wooden cabinets give your kitchen natural charm and character, regardless of the shape or size of the space available.


Cottage Kitchens

Cottage kitchens come with that unmistakable feeling of cosiness. They sit perfectly within a traditional styled home and feature a charming, simplistic decor which promotes a relaxed atmosphere. Soft pastel colours are ideal to finish off the country cottage look.


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